Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr
Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr

Beetroot slices-Pella's Delicacies-720gr

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Beetroot slices

Ingredients: beetroot, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid

Greek pickle from fresh vegetables. Continuing the traditional recipe of our place.

Pella’s Delicacies is a company specializing in Mediterranean foods. Our company produces and trades marmalades, chutneys, pasta sauces, pickled vegetables, and fruit preserves. Our goal is to create high-quality, handcrafted, 100% all Natural, healthy, high in nutritional value products - sourced only from local ingredients.

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The company

Pella’s Delicacies is a company active in the business of Mediterranean foods. Our company specializes in producing and trading marmalades, spreads, tomato sauces and fruit preserves.

In 2016 we established our new food processing facility in Pella, an agricultural area near Thessaloniki, with the most modern stainless steel equipment and experienced high caliber personnel. We chose to settle in Pella because we are well-acquainted with the tastes of this part of Greece and because the agricultural products of this region are of superior quality. The fruits and vegetables we use are harvested when they reach natural maturity, when their aroma and taste are at their peak. By combining the art of traditional home-making techniques with the use of advanced modern technological equipment, we preserve most of the "freshness" and nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetable in the final product, while meeting stringent hygiene requirements.

We prepare and package our products in our facilities, which are designed, constructed and operated with great consideration for impeccable sanitation. Our aim is the production and packaging of handmade products of excellent quality and high nutritional value, tasty products of 100% natural ingredients.


Pickle seems to be a method of preserving food that comes to us from Persia, namely, today's Iran. This word, in Persian, means sour. 

People need to preserve their food for a long period of time, and their need to take it with them on a long journey was the reason for finding a way to preserve it. At that time, there were no refrigerators or freezers, and so, they mainly used to preserve food by using salt or turning them into pickled. 

There are usually two ways to make pickled vegetables, either with vinegar or with brine. The preparation with vinegar seems to have been the one that gave its name to the final product so, thus it was named pickle (Tursi = sour).