Honey mustard dressing-Pella's Delicacies-250ml
Honey mustard dressing-Pella's Delicacies-250ml Honey mustard dressing-Pella's Delicacies-250ml

Honey mustard dressing-Pella's Delicacies-250ml

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Honey mustard dressing

The ultimate combination

Few things combine as harmoniously as the intensity of mustard with the sweetness of honey. Whole mustard seed and exquisite flower honey are combined to create this unique honey mustard dressing that will elevate all of your dishes with its light texture and full flavor.

Ideal to enhance a variety of savory dishes, honey mustard dressing will be the secret ingredient that will add character to a simple salad, bring out the flavor of grilled vegetables, and accompany grilled meats, poultry, or even seafood.

Water, mustard (17%) (water, mustard seed, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, stabilizer: xanthan, turmeric color), sugar, flower honey (5%), mustard seed, wine vinegar, modified corn starch, spices, salt . Contains mustard and sulphite. May contain gluten, soy, nuts.

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The company

Pella’s Delicacies is a company active in the business of Mediterranean foods. Our company specializes in producing and trading marmalades, spreads, tomato sauces and fruit preserves.

In 2016 we established our new food processing facility in Pella, an agricultural area near Thessaloniki, with the most modern stainless steel equipment and experienced high caliber personnel. We chose to settle in Pella because we are well-acquainted with the tastes of this part of Greece and because the agricultural products of this region are of superior quality. The fruits and vegetables we use are harvested when they reach natural maturity, when their aroma and taste are at their peak. By combining the art of traditional home-making techniques with the use of advanced modern technological equipment, we preserve most of the "freshness" and nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetable in the final product, while meeting stringent hygiene requirements.

We prepare and package our products in our facilities, which are designed, constructed and operated with great consideration for impeccable sanitation. Our aim is the production and packaging of handmade products of excellent quality and high nutritional value, tasty products of 100% natural ingredients.