White tuna Alalunga Alonnisos in water-Alelma-212gr
White tuna Alalunga Alonnisos in water-Alelma-212gr White tuna Alalunga Alonnisos in water-Alelma-212gr

White tuna Alalunga Alonnisos in water-Alelma-212gr

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White tuna Alalunga Alonnisos in water

The white long-winged tuna Alalunga, is known as Alonissos tuna. It is one of the smallest species of tuna and its meat is considered delicious and very healthy.

From the sea in the jar the white tuna Alelma is considered one of the finest products that can be found. It is world famous for its taste and is used by various chefs in many recipes. It can enhance the taste of any salad and food while even on its own it can become a unique meze.

Of course, white tuna could not be missing in water as it is the ideal choice for people who want to pay attention to their diet.

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Creates «recipes for success» in every kitchen

One of the best varieties of tuna is fished in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean marine ecosystem. The processing, cooking and conservation of tuna are an Alonnisos tradition.

In the Alelma seafood flavours workshop founded by Yiorgos Anagnostou and Amalia Kalogianni, they create a wide variety of tuna products exhibiting high quality and nutritional value, further developing the Alonnisos tradition, and demonstrating unique know-how and respect for the consumer.

Alelma Alonnisos tuna is a pure Greek gourmet delight that has won over the Greek market and has also set sail to conquer the world markets.

The Workshop

The Alelma seafood flavours workshop was founded in 2007 in Alonnisos by Yiorgos Anagnostou, who brought in his long experience in fish trading, and Amalia Kalogianni, who contributed her knowledge of Alonnisos tradition in tuna processing.

The tuna processing workshop area is fully equipped using the latest technology in seafood processing hygiene.

In our workshop we follow the traditional recipe preparing the tuna in water or oil under the strictest modern standards and certifications without the use of preservatives or flavour enhancers.

Nutritional Value

Tuna is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and trace elements, as well as a very tasty way of maintaining a balanced diet.

Furthermore, the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, which help in reducing cholesterol, give tuna protective and therapeutic properties. Specifically, eating tuna helps reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and alleviating arthritis symptoms, and is considered essential in child development.

Tuna of Alonnisos

Fish and seafood are a source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and are often preferred in dietary plans. Tuna, like other fish and seafood, contains protein of high biological value, which is a main building block for the human body. Researches, also, show that tuna is a fish rich in phosphorus, selenium, potassium, omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, low in fatty acids, and cholesterol.

The tuna of Alonnisos may be white, or red, or yellow. It is considered better than the oceans' tuna, Pacific or Atlantic, as it is said that, it does not contain large amounts of heavy metals. According to researches done in Mediterranean waters, they do not contain large amounts of mercury compared to, and as far as possible to study, the waters of the oceans. Of course, further researches need to be done to confirm this.