Blossom honey-Meli Serron-920gr

Blossom honey-Meli Serron-920gr

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Blossom honey

A honey from the Kerkini mountain with a rich aroma and light taste. It is a food of high nutritional value due to the large number of vitamins and trace elements it contains.

Valuable and nutritious for the human body with beneficial properties against anemia, heart disease, fatigue, and stomach ailments.

This type of honey sweetens more easily than others.

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Meli Serron


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The sugars in honey are simple and are absorbed immediately, which is why honey is a quick source of energy for the body, for athletes, children, pregnant women, the sick, and any suffering body. Honey has trace elements necessary for metabolism and nutrition, components of the skeleton and cells, which participate in various enzyme systems and regulate the acidity of the stomach. The vitamins in honey help absorb sugars.

It has antiseptic properties (helps to heal, clean, and disinfect wounds), is tonic, increases heart rate, reduces stomach ulcer problems, and helps recovery in cases of anemia due to the iron it contains. Due to the choline contained in honey, it helps with constipation and its antimicrobial action prevents the growth of bacteria and other pathogenic organisms.