Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml
Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml

Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko-Eva Distillery-200ml

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Ouzo of Mitilini Sertiko

Double distillation 45% alc.

Ouzo SERTIKO, inspired by oriental recipes and raw materials, is the premium product of the EVA’s ouzo range. Delicious, bold and very traditional, which with its aroma brings us to the habits and flavours of another era.

During the production process a double distillation ritual is followed, while the fruits, aromatic herbs and roots are distilled in specific order and combinations. Its characteristic strong aroma comes from the distillation of citrus fruits, ginger, coriander, cardamom, star anise and aniseed from Lisvori, giving SERTIKO its intense “sertic” character.

For lovers of strong ouzo, it can be served neatto set free its intense fragrances. With the addition of iced water it changes character and increases the appetite for spicy ouzomeze. In cooking oriental recipes, where ouzo is used as an aromatic ingredient, SERTIKO guarantees the duration of the aroma and flavour.

Its award-winning bottle design depicts Ottoman and Byzantine motifs, completing its strong character inspired by times gone by.

200ml 45% Vol.

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EVA distillery was founded in 1995, in Mytilene, by the Patrikopoulos brothers. The development of the company is based on the family’s love and experience in the food and beverage industry, whose history begins in Pergamon, Asia Minor, with oriental recipes, flavours and raw materials. Today, the third generation continues dynamically, delicately balancing tradition and modern technology.

The distillery employs state-of-the-art copper stills and bottling machines, and houses a well-equipped laboratory as well as the Ouzo Museum. An integral part of the successful development of the company is the experienced staff and network of EVA partners that ensure the optimal production, bottling, storage, distribution and export process certified by the ISO Quality Management System: 22000 and programme HACCP.

By constantly building the identity of its products, EVA is a dynamic brand name in the distillation industry and is among the top ten fastest growing in the country. The strong distribution network of EVA consistently supports its products in Greece and in 22 countries around the world. The ouzo and liqueur range can be found in large retail and wholesale networks and at the Hellenic Duty Free shops.

Ouzo Museum

Ouzo is a living organism that evolves over time. On the premises of “EVA”, one corner is designated to the history of the drink, Lesvos always perceived as a key pillar of its culture. The museum hosted within, awakens memories from times long gone and not only gives information about how previous generations produced ouzo, but also how they enjoyed it. There is the life-size replica of a typical Mitilenian in his traditional dress, enjoying an ouzo flanked by two old stills from the village of Antissa and machinery used at different stages of the ouzo production, along with additional traditional items of the time.

There is a fridge dating back to the early 1900 and a traditional wine press whose origin was lost sometime in the 19th century. In addition, through a large collection of bottles, the museum captures the spectrum of nearly all distillery companies of Lesvos. At the back of the museum there is a beautifully designed space, representing a typical cafe of the 1930s with tables and chairs, inviting you to get to know and love the products through ouzo tasting.

If you want to come close to ouzo production and its secrets, look for the EVA Museum. In a space created with much care, you will be able to see the revival of Greece’s national spirit distillery, by the usage of old alembics. Learn about the evolution of ouzo through time and meet Lesvos through a mystical journey, accompanied by the scent of aniss. A theatrical mimic of the old Mytilene resident, wearing his traditional island clothes, enjoying his ouzo and sourrounded by old alembics, as well as machinery appropriate for other phases of ouzo production and other useful items, will certainly keep you interested. Ask for the impressive fridge coming from the early 20th century, as well as the grape press, dating back a century ago. You can also taste the distillery’s unique spirits and try the mastique liqueur: classic and with lemon, the only one produced in this way.

A short introduction to ouzo

Ouzo is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that has undergone the process of distillation. Ouzo is consumed mainly in Greece and that is the reason that we may pronounce it as the national drink of Greece. We could add that it travels around the world with its milky colour and acts like our country's ambassador.

It is mainly produced in Chios and Lesvos (Mytilini) islands. You can serve ouzo straight, or with water or with ice, in a tall slim glass.

Ouzo is not just an aperitif, it is the gathering of friends sitting around the table and have fun.

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