Chios beer BBQ-Chios Beer Microbrewery-330ml

Chios beer BBQ-Chios Beer Microbrewery-330ml

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Chios beer BBQ

A smoked beer with discreet bitterness and strong wood aromas. Made of malt roasted with a traditional method and smoked with beech wood, which offers a special pleasure. It accompanies dishes with intense flavors.

 It is bottled in limited batches, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Alcohol: 5.5%

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Chios Beer Microbrewery


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Who we are

In 2009, two friends decided to start a business on the beautiful island of Chios, Jakob's place of origin.

After many discussions and Mano's experience of amateur brewing, we came up with the idea of creating Chios Beer.

After all, an island with so many local products could not have its own beer.

So, after overcoming the bureaucracy of the non-existent legislation for the small breweries, the journey of the brewery's creation  began in 2011, on the island of Chios…

In a small ground floor space under a house, we made the first recipe of FRESH CHIOS BEER -with great passion-, which made its appearance in the local market in 2012 and, soon, it was released in the largest cities of Greece.

After embracing our initial effort, we continued to try harder, maintaining the good quality of the product, creating new beers, such as Smoked Robust Porter (our black), BBQ (our smoked), Wheat mastic (with mastic) and India Pale Ale (our last beer).

Time passed and the demand for the local beer increased….

So, we started searching for a larger place that could house our equipment and ideas comfortably.

We are now in the area of Vavila (just outside of the city of Chios), so when you pass by our places… Our brewery is always open to them, who want to see up close the way we produce our beers!