India Pale ale beer Voreia-Siris Microbrewery-330ml

India Pale ale beer Voreia-Siris Microbrewery-330ml

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India Pale ale beer Voreia

Energy, flavors, aftertaste… A beer with generous additions of American hop and three kinds of malts, which give intense aromas of citrus and conifers, amber color and long-lasting aftertaste. Simply impressive!

  • Color: Strikingamber color, beige/off white foam, quite thick at first and gradually diminishing.
  • Aromas: As far as aromas are concerned, the American hop is the key flavor component and you can sense the herbal aromas immediately after pouring the beer into the glass, while a sense of grapefruit is distinguished as the beer warms up.
  • Taste: Rather bittersweet taste with the caramel from the malt tangling into a balanced game with the hop and creating a beautiful, harmonic result. Furthermore, the increasing temperature of the beer leaves a more velvet taste in the mouth. Moderate density that becomes proportionately thicker and silky as the temperature rises. The carbonation is moderate to gentle, as it is common for beers of this category.
  • Alcohol: The concentration of alcohol is worth mentioning, despite the high volume (7%) and it is well “hidden” behind the aromas of malt, regardless of the beer temperature.

Taste combinations

Ideally combined with various meats, such as veal or lamb, spicy foods with curry or chilly and intense cheese, such blue cheese. But, if you are a sweets-fan, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a carrot or a caramel cake or even a delicious crème brullé along with an IPA.

Alcohol: 7%

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Company profile

Microbrewery of Serres and Northern Greece was founded in 2013, trading under the name “Siris Microbrewery”, with head office in Serres, by people who love fine beers and gastronomy. Its facilities expand into a two-storey building of 800 m2 covered area, for the completion of which an updated technological equipment was used, ensuring high quality in our products.

The company has a capacity of nearly 260.000 liters of beer annually, aiming for product quality and not quantity.

Our beers are unique, original and produced with love and passion. We create innovative recipes, by choosing malts of high quality and hop varieties from around the world. They are beers with aromas, rich taste and long aftertaste, that meet the demands of all beer lovers.

Our history

Our history goes along a few years ago, when few friends were enjoying the beautiful Greek landscape at their favorite place and the beers were flowing ……right through! The shining Greek sun, the power of friendship and the spark of the moment made the decision easy: we will create our own beer!

The preparations began feverishly even from the next day. Mr John Marmarelis, the leader of the effort and a man with long family tradition and experience in production and creation of flavors, took over and formed a team of technologists, brewers and home brewers. The rest is just fact….

From choosing up-to-date technological equipment and high quality malts and hops from around the world to the selection of the final recipes, the proper associates and the overcoming of bureaucracy, we faced a lot of challenges, responsibilities and almost endless difficulties. But, since the enthusiasm and the passion were stronger and enough to overcome any obstacle, all the above supported our effort with even greater passion.

Thus, we now proudly present our beers and invite you to taste them, hoping that they will accompany your best moments.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce and offer beers of high quality standards that will enrich the Greek gastronomy and will accompany your most beautiful moments.

Utilizing the delicious richness and aromas of hops and malts, we produce with love and passion Greek, fresh and unpasteurized beers in unique recipes, aiming at small and not mass production, so as not to deteriorate the flavor, the aromas and the nutritional value of the beer.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the Greek and international market with fresh, high quality and tasteful beers, which highlight the aromas and flavors of the pure ingredients we use.

We successfully apply an integrated system of state-of-the-art production and environmental-friendly processes, having as a main concern to minimize the ecological impact and to respect our employees.

We intend to develop our microbrewery soundly in order to contribute to the local community, the Greek economy and to feature the tasteful richness of Northern Greece.

Our vision

We visualize that our beers will become a reference point in all beer friends and that they will conquer the market in Greece and abroad.

We focus on a slow and steady growth, remaining loyal to our principles and philosophy.