No added sugar pastilles aromatics-VIAP MENTEL-22gr

No added sugar pastilles aromatics-VIAP MENTEL-22gr

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Pastilles aromatics

VIAP's favorite pink flavored pastilles now without sugar! With natural sweetener from the stevia plant, gluten-free!

  • With  stevia
  • Gluten free

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VIAP MENTEL has a tradition of two generations in the field of Greek confectionery. Founded in1956, the company is the undisputed leader in the category of products from gum arabic, and has successfully expanded in the category of chocolate. VIAP MENTEL has invested in technology and holds an ISO 22000 certification, while its facilities and organized distribution network, allow it to timely serve a wide range of partners, from hyper markets and super markets to kiosks and souvenir shops.

The company produces products from gum arabic: eucalyptus–menthol pastilles, aromatic pastilles, four fruits, mastic, cinnamon, liquorice and vitamin C. At the same time it produces and markets across the whole of Greece, chocolate olives, chocolate cereal, chocolate truffle, dragees and decorative truffles of various types.

VIAP MENTEL employs 23 people and has facilities covering an area of1,200square meters. It successfully exports its products to Cyprus, Canada and Australia, and has a dynamic presence in the international exhibitions industry. Its strategic objective is two fold: working with new dealers, distributors and whole salers in the Greek market as well as expanding internationally in other markets.


  • 1935

The founder of the company, Angelos Papadopoulos, comes to Athens from the village of Kapsia Arcadia. He starts working in the pastry section of the famous Athenian restaurant Pallas on Panepistimiou Street. There, he first comes into contact with the food industry and the production of confectionery.

  • 1951

He establishes a personal business and starts experimenting with the production of pastilles.

  • 1956

After consulting French bibliographies, he begins the systematic production of pastilles from gum arabic. His production department is housed in a separate area of the house where he lives, in Voutira Street, Agios Eleftherios Acharnon.

During the same year, the founder converts his individual business into a partners hip with his brother Panos. The company VIAP (from the founders’ initials) is born! The vision of the founder and his faith in the product and its potential for predominance in the Greek market, lead him to register the VIAP MENTEL brand with the Department of Commerce. Today, VIAP MENTEL is one of the oldest brands in Greece.

  • 1960

The first advertising promotions in the spirit of the times! “Throat soothing pastilles. Aromatic pastilles. Delectable pastilles suitable for smokers, sportsmen and singers”.

  • 1963

Purchase of a state-of-the-art for its era system of pastilles production

  • 1966

Purchase of automatic packaging machines which leads to increased safety and better working conditions of workers.

  • 1977

The plant of the company is transferred to AnoLiosia.

  • 1980 - 2000

Selection of key partners for the distribution and sales of the product (ELGEKA ANEZYM, LAZAROSS AMOURKASIS, ANDONIS LEVENTELLIS, SYNTHESISSA, EYAGGELOS PAPARDELLAS) and establishment as a leader across the Greek market.

  • 2005

The company building expands.

  • 2006

The company is certified according to HACCP and ISO 9001.

An important date for VIAP MENTEL. The company is transferred to the well known Christopoulos family, which has extensive knowledge of the market and especially confectionery. Angelos Papadopoulos, remains, with pleasure, in the company as a consultant, assisting the new owners.

  • 2011

Participation in the 40thInternational Exhibition ISM Fair in Cologne.

  • 2012

The company markets two new pastille flavors, with cinnamon and mastic, as well as pastilles with natural Vitamin C (acerola), which are sold in pharmacies. There is also its new cereal praline on the market, which contains chocolate milk and cereal malt.

  • 2014

The company continues its upward trend, invests in modern equipment, attracts new, younger customers, and modernizes its packages, breathing fresh air into them. It interacts with consumers through Facebook and other social media. And all these, without making reductions in staff and having the pleasure to still have as employees, people who started their working life within the company.