Greek delight coconut-Meletiadis-400gr

Greek delight coconut-Meletiadis-400gr

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Greek delight coconut

Delicious products for every family and household.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, citric acid, water, natural colour, aroma, and admixture with coconut, peanuts, almond.

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The company

Meletiadis was founded in 1967 by Lazaros Meletiadis in Thessaloniki, initially as a workshop in the Ampelokipi region. Today, after 55 years of life, maintaining the family atmosphere, "MELETIADIS SA", a company producing and marketing confectionery, has managed to make its products a daily delights for the whole Greek family.

"MELETIADIS SA", the combination of its excellent state-of-the-art equipment, with specialized and well-trained human resources, guarantee the high quality of its products. The many years of experience and the striving for perfection make it one of the most important companies in the industry. The taste, the traditional recipes and the pure ingredients make the products of "MELETIADIS SA" company unbeatable.

Wonderful sweets, rich coffee, fine hazelnut pralines, authentic halva, tahini, exquisite flavors, delicious aromas and vanilla are just a few of the great range.

"MELETIADIS SA" in keeping with the needs of the modern consumer has created a series of new products.

Today, with the commitment of the new generation, "Meletiadis S.A." has the vision to prevail in the Greek market and at the same time to expand worldwide while maintaining its authenticity. The modernization and improvement of the company's infrastructure will be the focus of the new era.

  • An excellent selection of premium quality raw materials, focusing on every little detail.
  • Creating and developing partnerships with well-known companies that share the same values with us.
  • Priority in the non-discriminatory workforce with respect to everyone's diversity.
  • Environmental conscious in compliance with the current legislation.

The history of Turkish delight in Greece 

In Greece, the art of Turkish delight came from Istanbul at the beginning of the 19th century. The Greek delights makers, putting new elements in the classic recipe, placed the Turkish delights in the Greek tradition. Nowadays, famous Greek delights are those of Syros island, of Komotini, named sucuk lokum, and of Serres, named akanedes that are a variation of the classic recipe. 

According to the legend ...

According to Turkish reports, the Turkish delight was invented by the Turkish confectioner, who he should satisfy the sultan. Specifically, it is said that as the sultan shouted angrily because he broke his tooth while trying to eat hard candy, he demanded a soft dessert. Thus, the Turkish confectioner, in his small confectionery in the city of Istanbul, lit the cauldron, poured in water, flour, sugar, rose water, and citric acid. When the mixture became sticky, he threw it on a flat surface sprinkled with almond oil. When the mixture cooled, he cut it into cubes and sprinkle it with sugar. Somehow, rahat lokum was born.

There are other versions of the creation of the first Turkish delight, but the above seems to be the most prevalent.