Mastic sweet-Papageorgiou-420gr

Mastic sweet-Papageorgiou-420gr

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Mastic sweet

A pure Greek product that awakens in us the sweetness of our childhood. It is prepared according to our unique recipe from pure sugar only (without glucose) achieving a velvety texture in the favorite rich flavors of Vanilla or Mastic that young and old love. A spoon dipped in a glass of cold water is enough to give the necessary energy to children on hot summer afternoons, but also to be an alternative and cool welcome for adults.

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Company profile …

The “PAPAGEORGIOU” company has established in 1926 and since then is active in the production and distribution of Traditional Greek Delights namely Fruits in Heavy Syrup, Jams-Marmalades, Greek Delights (Loukoums), Vanilla sweet and Condensed Sour Cherry Syrup.

Who we are …

The brand “PAPAGEORGIOU” is well known to the people of Thessaloniki since 1926 and it is associated with the history of the centre of Thessaloniki, being present there, in the Ag. Mina str, since then.

Main purpose of the company is the excellence in quality of all the products, which was what has established it to the consumer’s choice.

Today the company is managed by the third generation who is successfully combining the valuable 87 years’ experience with the modern know how.

Our infrastructure …

The company’s plant is situated since 1967 at a privately owned area of 11.000 sq. meters in Kalohori of Thessaloniki. The traditional sales-branch situated at the centre of Thessaloniki is also serving both as a retail and wholesale point.

Our products …

The company’s goods are being produced with great respect to its traditional quality values, and they are the following:

Fruits in Heavy Syrup (: Sour Cherry, Cherry, Bergamot, Rose Petals, Strawberry, Fig, Orange, Grape, Quince, Sweet Marrow, Tangerine, Carrot, and Chestnuts.
Marmalades-Jams-Comfitures: Strawberry, Apricot, Peach, Quince, Plum, Orange, Raspberry, Cherry and Sour Cherry.
Loukoumi-Greek Delight: Plain, with Almonds, Small pieces, with coconut, with honey and walnuts.
Vanilla-Mastiha sweet: In various containers.
Condensed Sour Cherry Juice: suitable for drinking after dilution or as it is as a toping.

Our customers …

The large variety of products of constant high quality has created a great demand from the majority of the S/M chains, the food stores and the confectionery shops all over the northern part of Greece and in many European countries as well as the USA.

Our news …

The company constantly is developing new products to enrich its range with new delicacies. Try them!!

Vanilla sweet

Vanilla sweet is a beloved spoon sweet that emerges stories from our childhood. A spoonful of vanilla dipped in a glass of cool water is the reason that, in Greece, it is, also, called "submarine"!

Confectioners from the island of Chios, who worked in Istanbul, seem to have been inspired by this way of vanilla paste use. There, it was known as "white sweet" or "tratamento" and even today is the official treat at the Patriarchate.

In addition, on the island of Chios, they added mastic aroma, creating the mastic sweet, which is consumed in the same way.