Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml
Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml

Balsamic Vinegar & honey-Greenolia-250ml

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Balsamic vinegar with honey

A wonderful combination of white aged wine, juice from dry farming grapes and pure Greek flower honey. 

Greenolia “Balsamic vinegar with Honey” is an excellent choice for marinades, sweet and sour chutneys as well as the perfect base that will bring out the best of every gourmet creation.

Contains sulphites.

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As a pilot, Apostolos Gkletsos spent a large part of his professional life in the Air Force. For many years the family olive groves were simply part of his childhood memories. At some point, however, they began to take on the shape of an alternative professional -and unexpectedly charming- perspective. His vision, as well as his love for nature and its valuable fruit, was shared by Kerasia Skiathiti who, as a chemist, brought to Greenolia a different and particularly useful background. This is how Greenolia began its journey; a family business that gradually grew, becoming a group of people that share the same vision and love for the olive tree and its production.


Driving force behind Greenolia is our love for the Greek nature. This is our starting point, our focus and our pride. We respect and serve it. We cultivate our own olive groves. We also work together with recognized certified growers, millers and standardizers who share our high quality standards. Tasty and healthy eating is our passion. This is why we want to offer the consumer an honest product that he can trust and will be able to incorporate into his everyday life, enjoying its unique quality and special value.

The land

In Greenolia we believe that the Greek land is precious and unique. We express this conviction in the packaging of our products, where beautiful, inspiring and characteristic Greek images are chosen and depicted. The journey of our products begins in the family olive groves, in the area of Stylida, on the outskirts of Mount Othrys, with olives of the Amfissis (Konservoelia) variety. It also starts in small selected olive groves in Peloponnese -one of the largest olive-growing areas of Greece with the famous Koroneiki variety. We have made them part of the Greenolia products because we share the same philosophy and high quality standards with their producers.

Balsamic vinegar and its benefits

The main characteristic of balsamic vinegar is its dark color and intense taste. There is also white balsamic vinegar or apple balsamic vinegar, or other balsamic vinegar enriched with various flavours. 

It is said that the Italians were the first to make balsamic vinegar. It is made of grape juice and not from wine, as the classic vinegar produced.

The nutritional value of balsamic vinegar is said to have several benefits for our body, such as: 

  • It helps lower cholesterol 
  • It helps regulate blood sugar 
  • It helps maintain good skin health 
  • It helps in weight loss 
  • It helps maintain low blood pressure