Mustard with black truffle-Dirfis-140gr

Mustard with black truffle-Dirfis-140gr

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Mustard with black truffle

Wild growing Greek truffle are considered to be of excellent quality and one of the best truffles in the world. This rare mushroom is characterized by its’ unique aroma and its’ special flavour.

A few drops are enough to make pasta dishes, risottos, frumenty soup, mashed potatoes or even a grilled steak or a fillet steak, prepared in a frying pan, stand out.

Homemade mustard with Greek wild black truffle is an explosion of aromas. It can turn simple everyday dishes into dishes of high gastronomic value. Enjoy it in boiled potatoes, boiled eggs or omelets, in grilled meats and grilled ribs. Combine it in various recipes for white sauces and dressings.

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Who we are - What we do

Dirfis mushrooms was established in 2003 by two agronomists, specialists in mycology since 1996, Lefteris Lachouvaris and Thanassis Mastrogiannis.

The farm is located near Mount Dirfis, on the island of Euboea. The facilities Include a substrate plant of 15000m2, 20 mushroom growing tunnels 360m2 each, a modern processing facility 800m2 and an olive tree plantation 6000m2.  


“Dirfis mushrooms” have a well-organized network of collectors and truffle hunters, with the ability and capacity to collect wild edible mushrooms such as Porcini, Morels, Chanterelle, black Trumpet and Caesar's mushroom of highly commercial and gastronomic importance from different forests of Greece. Our wild mushrooms are hand-picked in a sustainable way within their natural environment under the care of our agronomists.


Both cultivated and wild edible dried mushrooms are valuable ingredients in several traditional dishes. The amplitude of products ranges over hundred carefully traditional and innovative mushroom product formulations, meticulously designed by expert food specialists, nutritionists and chefs. These include mushroom soups, pasta with mushrooms, mushroom risotto, medicinal mushrooms, marinated mushrooms, truffle products, mushroom snacks such as mushroom chocolate and mushroom cookies.

Truffle Products

Our ‘Condiments infused with Black or White Truffle Aroma’ are a harmonious combination of one of the best extra virgin oils - made from the Kothreiki and Ladolia variety, with a gentle fragrance that blends perfectly with the rich aroma of black truffles.

The truffle in Greece is known since antiquity under the name "'Ydnon". It was very much sought after for its pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac qualities and for its wonderful flavour and aroma. It is not a surprising fact, that a great many ancient poets and writers were inspired by it. Pliny considered truffles as "marvels of nature", while Porphyry called them "children of the gods".

The culinary use of truffle has been known in the Mediterranean countries, since ancient Greece. The kind of tubers used are the melanosporum, whose name comes from the Greek words "melani" (black) and "sporum" (seed).

The truffle is not only a food nor a flavoring, or an aroma. The truffle is a combination of all of these things. Nothing compares to that feeling you get when you take your first bite, a delicious pleasure that excites the senses, a feeling of intoxication you wish would never end. The truffle arouses our fifth ‘taste’ umami, which our tongue possesses precisely for the purpose of appreciating gastronomic marvels such as the truffle.