Organic Kalamon olive paste-Olea tree-180gr
Organic Kalamon olive paste-Olea tree-180gr Organic Kalamon olive paste-Olea tree-180gr

Organic Kalamon olive paste-Olea tree-180gr

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Organic Kalamon olive paste

Olive paste from first quality pitted olives.

Collected by hand.

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Olea tree


Glass jar


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The company

The company's goal we created is to offer products of the Greek land with unique characteristics. They come from small-scale cultures with the microclimate of the area to give them special taste and nutritional value. From producers who love natural farming, most certified as organic farmers, with respect to sustainability. Products with natural production processes without thermal and chemical treatments, so as to prevent the loss of valuable components. After years of experience in growing olives, we could only use our name "olea tree", the symbol of Greek land that will accompany us along the way starting out.

The importance of olive oil over the years

According to Greek tradition, the first olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena, planted on the Acropolis. When goddess Athena bested god Poseidon in a quarrel over patronage of the city of Athens, she donated the olive tree to its inhabitants. They planted it, cultivated it, and depicted the goddess Athena in Athenian coins with an olive wreath and an amphora with oil.

In Ancient Greece, the olive tree held an important place in the economy and was considered a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. In those days, olive oil was the main ingredient in the diet and the treatments. It was also used in cosmetics or as means of heating and lighting, even as a currency. In sports events, such as in the Olympic Games, winners were crowned with an olive branch.

The use of olive oil remains necessary these days. Its ingredients, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are among the good fats, make it different from other vegetable oils. Also, olive oil is a source of antioxidants and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.