Mushroom pilaf with vegetables-Dirfis-280gr

Mushroom pilaf with vegetables-Dirfis-280gr

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Mushroom pilaf with vegetables

Ready meal with Greek yellow rice, dried vegetables, dried mushrooms and onion.

Nutritional value: source of protein, fiber, low fat without additives and preservatives VEGAN

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Dirfis mushrooms


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Who we are - What we do

Dirfis mushrooms was established in 2003 by two agronomists, specialists in mycology since 1996, Lefteris Lachouvaris and Thanassis Mastrogiannis.

The farm is located near Mount Dirfis, on the island of Euboea. The facilities Include a substrate plant of 15000m2, 20 mushroom growing tunnels 360m2 each, a modern processing facility 800m2 and an olive tree plantation 6000m2.  


“Dirfis mushrooms” have a well-organized network of collectors and truffle hunters, with the ability and capacity to collect wild edible mushrooms such as Porcini, Morels, Chanterelle, black Trumpet and Caesar's mushroom of highly commercial and gastronomic importance from different forests of Greece. Our wild mushrooms are hand-picked in a sustainable way within their natural environment under the care of our agronomists.


Both cultivated and wild edible dried mushrooms are valuable ingredients in several traditional dishes. The amplitude of products ranges over hundred carefully traditional and innovative mushroom product formulations, meticulously designed by expert food specialists, nutritionists and chefs. These include mushroom soups, pasta with mushrooms, mushroom risotto, medicinal mushrooms, marinated mushrooms, truffle products, mushroom snacks such as mushroom chocolate and mushroom cookies.

Soups & risottos

Our MUSHROOM SOUPS with vegies” are based on a unique ancient Greek recipe of “Trahana”. In her book, “The old world kitchen” the British food historian, Elizabeth Luard, calls “trahana” the most primitive noodle in the world, the ancient solution to the problem of how to make milled grain palatable, storable, and portable." Semolina whole grain flour is mixed with milk, eggs, vegetables and herbs, ground to small grains and then left to dry.

We masterfully converted this recipe to a modern and healthy vegetarian meal replacing the milk and eggs with vegetables and sun-dried mushrooms.

The velvety texture of this rich soup, large pieces of mushrooms and the perfect spices together with dry vegetables, make our soup a perfect meal that is ready in just 5 minutes. It is a low calorie meal, high in proteins and fibers, low in salt and free from any artificially additives.

This product is High in fibers, protein rich, low salt, low fat.