Brown rice-Tyroleza-500gr

Brown rice-Tyroleza-500gr

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Brown rice

A spoonful of delicacy.

Unforgettable flavors.

Capable of satisfying any gastronomic demand. From daily simple recipes to the most special dishes, Tyroleza rice is a choice of high quality. 

A favourite choice in recipes based on the unaltered nutritional status of rice, as it contains multiple times the vitamins of other varieties. Try it in salads but also in pilaf.

Ideal for salads, pilaf and healthy diet.

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A few words about us

Tyroleza was founded 40 years ago, in 1979, in Nea Tiroloi in the area of Serres. The company's premises at 12.000 square meters have been developed and evolved throughout the years to meet the highest standards of processing and storage for all products. The area where Tyroleza operates is a land that is considered ideal for rice plantation due to the fact that it is located close to Strimonas river, in a widely euphoric plain.


The first and most important of our goals is none other than the high quality of the nutritional value of our products. We have been relying on this value for years, proving this, Tyroleza has acquired the ISO 22000 certification to seal our efforts.

We control all stages of production, from the field to the packing. Quality is the non - negotiable sector of the company, for this is why there is a continuous improvement in safety and security of the quality of our products.

A brief mention of Serres agriculture

Serres is a city in central Macedonia, capital of the Serres regional unit, in northern Greece. It is primarily an agricultural area and trades mostly grain, tobacco, and livestock. Its qualitative products, such as rice, barley, corn, legumes, livestock, textile, cotton, wheat, and others, make the regional unit of Serres one of the most agricultural district nationwide. 

In addition, there are many agri-tourism businesses that are located around the district of Lake Kerkini, a lake that lies in the regional unit of Serres and it is famous for its ecosystem, as it is a habitat of buffaloes and birds.