Organic orzo-Trantou-400gr
Organic orzo-Trantou-400gr Organic orzo-Trantou-400gr

Organic orzo-Trantou-400gr

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Organic orzo

Pure pasta made by Trantou with 100% Greek organic raw materials materials.

They do not contain preservatives or additives.

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Our story

The Trantou pasta industry started as a family business in 2005 with the production of traditional products (noodles, frumenties, etc.) in a mountain village of Kastoria, Kefalari.

Our aim is the production of quality pasta in a modern equipped place with faith in the traditional recipes of our place and with strictly selected raw materials. In 2008, we proceeded to the production of organic pasta.

Today, Trantou is renewed with a new company logo and packaging, always remaining faithful to its values.

The history of Kastoria

The name of the city has taken its name from its lake, Kastoria. And this name is said to come from the beavers, who lived in the lake. Other views say that the name of the city comes from the word Castle (Latin Castrum, Greek -Kastro).

Kastoria over the centuries seems to have suffered a lot from invaders, nevertheless, it has not lost its beauty. The lake of Kastoria in combination with the Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and hagiographies, its delicious local delicacies and mansions remains one of the most beautiful cities of northern Greece. The Kastoria fur factory was particularly famous throughout Greece, as its products were unique. At present, people's preoccupation with this subject seems to be declining.