Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr
Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr

Rusk Kritikofournia Miterra-Minoan Gaia-400gr

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Rusk Kritikofournia ''MITERRA - MY EARTH''

With sourdough.

The "new" Cretan rusk with a unique recipe of sourdough. Rich in fiber, low in fat. Healthy, with its own unique taste which ideally accompanies any Greek dish on the table. Enjoy it "lantouristo" with a pinch of oil, salt and oregano.

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Minoan Gaia




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About us

Minoan Gaia is a new brand in Crete, Greece which has as a vision the promotion of the Cretan cultural - gastronomic life proposal and the outspread of qualitative Cretan traditional products internationally. 

The uniqueness of the products lies in the fact that are perfectly healthy, natural, authentic and are distinguished by their high quality. They are also featured by award-winning, innovative packaging for which source of inspiration and creativity is the Minoan civilization and more specifically the Great Goddess of the Minoans, Mother - Earth, from which follows the name of their products, MITERRA.

With a vision to spread the Minoan civilization and the Cretan culinary life proposal, the Minoan Gaia company connects tradition with the innovation & know-how. Using local quality ingredients creates products that promote the culture and gastronomy of Crete.

Brand name

The company's name MINOAN GAIA, is associated with a significant history behind the name, which comes out from the Greek mythology and history and indicates its origins and characteristics.

The Minoan period and more specifically the 'Earth of Minos' is a very important step of Greek history and specifically of the Greek culture and concerns the beginning of it.

By promoting the myth and history of the Earth of Minos, the intention of MINOAN GAIA is to familiarize consumers with the Greek story and enhance the quality and identity of Cretan products. The Minoan civilization and writing Linear B was the inspiration and creation of MINOAN GAIA company logo and the Great Goddess of the Minoans, Mother - Earth, was the inspiration of the packaging creative and the name of the products, MITERRA.

Minos myth

According to Greek mythology, Minos was the King of Crete and son of the god Zeus and Europa. The whole island of Crete belonged to the Minoan kingdom, and its capital was Knossos. The historian Thucydides refers that Minos might be the most ancient man known to build a navy. His reign over Crete and Aegean islands, Cyclades, was three generations before the Trojan War. Minos is also, mentioned in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey as the king of Knossos. The Minoan civilization was developed in Crete from 3000 B.C. to 1100 B.C.

Because of its location, as Crete was in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, it became a naval and commercial power. Minoans used to sell olive oil, honey, wine, jewellery to Egypt, Troy, and Cyprus. Most of the men were sailors and traders.

Nowadays, the Palace of Knossos is located a few kilometres away from Heraklion city, in Crete. Visitors have the opportunity to see the monument, the paintings on the walls and learn more about Minos and the Minoan kingdom.