Raspberry jam Sisinni-Rito's Food-500gr
Raspberry jam Sisinni-Rito's Food-500gr Raspberry jam Sisinni-Rito's Food-500gr Raspberry jam Sisinni-Rito's Food-500gr

Raspberry jam Sisinni-Rito's Food-500gr

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Raspberry jam

Jams with a rich flavor of different fruits to be eaten with a teaspoon but not only! They are oven safe, suitable for confectionery and spreading. Use to prepare delicious tarts and pasta flora, or for filling croissants, biscuits, donuts and puff pastries.

  • suitable for baking

Ingredients: Raspberry 50%, sugar, glucose syrup - fructose, coagulant means: pectin, acidulant: citric acid, flavor.

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The company

Rito's Food S.A. is a family business, founded in 1983 by Giacomo and Mary Sisinni, both degreed Engineers of the University of Naples, Italy. Their passion and devotion for the highest quality products and Giacomo’s intimate knowledge of food production, contributed to the rapid growth of the company. Rito’s Food specializes in chocolate and raw materials for the confectionery production. It addresses both large industrial and small confectionery producers. Our products are produced in our privately owned modern facilities in Kilkis (northern Greece) in automated, high technology production lines. Continuous demanding quality controls are applied throughout the production line from raw materials receipt to product packing and shipment. Our own in house biochemical and microbiological fully equipped chemical lab continuously monitors the quality of the products. The company is now lead by the Sisinni children continuing the family tradition of high quality products and service to the customers.

A brief mention of Kilkis history

According to archeological findings and writings of ancient historians (Herodotus, Thucydides), Kilkis has been inhabited since the prehistoric era. Excavations dated back to the Bronze and Iron Age have been found in the vicinity of Kilkis.

In modern times, the inhabitants of Kilkis were mainly Bulgarians. However, after the liberation of Kilkis, in 1913, the city was inhabited by Greek refugees who came from Thrace, Pontos, Caucasus, and Asia Minor. All together with the local characteristics, created a mixture of nations with Greek origin. Their customs and culture were preserved and reborn in every cultural event.

Nowadays, Kilkis prefecture has a broad tradition in agriculture and breeding, as well as, grain and cereal production. Moreover, part of the rural economy constitutes stock production.