Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr
Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr

Sandwich biscuits with chocolate flavored cream-PAPADOPOULOU-200gr

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Sandwich Biscuits, Chocolate flavor

Papadopoulos Sandwich biscuits, the original and favorite filled cookies of all of us, which give us joy and pleasure in everyday moments. The biscuits that is forever in our hearts and in our favor.

It is a delightful snack that accompanies us in our most “light” moments.

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils (palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea oil), lactose (milk), fat reduced cocoa powder 3,5%, colour (ammonia caramel), glucose-fructose syrup, starch, milk proteins, skimmed milk powder, salt, raising agents (sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates, diphosphates), emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavourings.

The product may contain egg, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, lupin and mustard.

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This is our sweet story!

Once upon a time…

The first Papadopoulos biscuit was baked in the family oven in Constantinople, stamped with a simple wooden mold. In 1922, the Asia Minor disaster forces Evangelos Papadopoulos and his mother and brothers to board a ship sailing to Piraeus. The ship berths in Piraeus and at a coffee shop, where the Papadopoulos family stops for a break, a surprise awaits them: they realize that Greeks are not familiar with biscuits. And so was born the great idea of spreading in Greece their big passion, the art of biscuit-making!


The family settles in a house offered by the State, in a refugee housing block near Lycabettus Hill. The mother and her kids buy a small oven to start again what they know best: making biscuits! The mother kneads and bakes Petit-Beurre biscuits and the kids sell them in bulk. In 1931 and 1933, the company markets 3 of its most important brands for the first time; soon enough, Miranda biscuits, Sandwich Biscuits and Cream Crackers win over all Greek families who enjoy them at every age and on every occasion.

In 1938, a landmark year, the company opens its first small factory in Athens, on Thessalonikis street, pursuing its production with brand new Greek-made machinery.


War breaks out in Greece. Petit Beurre, Miranda and Sandwich biscuits are now packaged in large-sized tin boxes and all Greeks relish them.

Cream Crackers, made of sourdough and 1.296 layers of pastry, are consumed by Greek soldiers as dry food, thanks to the mass production capacity offered by the, then small, factory and its equipment.


In 1952, the company opens its first large modern factory, in Petrou Ralli Avenue. This is a particularly important occasion since the efforts and hard work of all those years finally pay off, making the family’s dream come true.


Having captured the hearts of Greek consumers, and driven by hard work, devotion and passion for biscuits, the company conquers the biscuit market in Greece. The company’s founder, Evangelos Papadopoulos, reveals: “Us older businessmen took careful steps, not great strides, building on a long-term strategy. So, with hard work and optimism, honesty and courage, respect for the consumer, we saw our efforts pay off.”

The company’s famous logo, a red “Π”, along with the figures of the four children of Evangelos Papadopoulos, is designed in 1972. A second factory opens its doors in 1973, in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

In 1978, a new product is launched in the Greek market, Caprice wafers, which will soon become the flagship of the company’s export business. Caprice, beloved by consumers and made of Viennese wafer and hazelnut cream and cocoa, have been copied by so many but none have rivaled them. Savoring Caprice wafers is the sweetest addiction that knows no age…


The increasing demand for Papadopoulos products leads to the creation of the third factory, in Volos. 1989 is the year in which the company makes a dynamic entry in the category of bakery products, with the Krispies rusks, paving the way for the development of a new product category.


A decidedly “chocolate” period for the company! The Papadopoulos Petit-Beurre, Miranda and Papadopoulos sandwich biscuits brands are marketed with a luscious chocolate coating, and true chocolate lovers find them irresistible! The company’s new factory, in Oinofyta, starts operating in 1996, producing the first Papadopoulos rusks, under the brand name Goldies. In the same year, Digestive wholegrain biscuits are marketed for the first time in Greek market with “Papadopoulou” stamp.


In 2002 the industry’s founder, Evangelos Papadopoulos, passes away at the age of 93, leaving behind a flourishing industry. The next steps are becoming increasingly important. This period is marked by the launch of new items, such as the Traditional Rusks and the Round Rusks, followed by the dynamic re-launch of the Goldies brand as Papadopoulos Rusks.

In 2008 the company launches the “No Sugar” series, offering consumers an alternative for a balanced diet.


In 2013 the company extended its presence in the Greek market with the launch of packaged sliced bread. This decade is characterized by product launches with high nutritional value, such as Digestive cereal bars, MultiCereals and new bread options: "Gefsi2" sliced bread, "Horiano" traditional sliced bread and "Ancient Seeds" bread with dicoccum wheat, as well as the launches of already established products, such as Cream Crackers and Petit-Beurre with innovative ingredients, including barley, oats, and beta-glucan. In 2016, the Gluten-free line is launched, combining both taste and health.

At the same time, well-known brands such as Sandwich Biscuits redefine their strategy based on seasonality and their target age group. The classic Sandwich biscuits are still suitable for all ages and any occasion; Sandwich Biscuits with Fruits mark the start of the summer season; and the new Sandwich Biscuits with Double Filling focus mostly on youngsters.


Today the company is a market leader, continuing to launch new products. Attentive to the new nutritional needs of modern era, Papadopoulos S.A. launches new products and expands existing lines with new codes, with sugar-free or reduced sugar products – the company in the Greek market to do so – and presenting more and more popular products, such as Petit-Beurre with no added sugar, Miranda with 30% less sugar, Oat Biscuits with no added sugars, and so on. With a commitment to consumers and always alert, it seeks new ways of offering taste and innovating, remaining at the forefront of modern food trends. An entire fleet of trucks transports Papadopoulos products to more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Numerous awards, in Greek and international trade fairs, adorn the company's offices and prove that respect and quality are timeless values.

For almost a century now, our company, with the confidence of a pioneering and modern food manufacturing industry, has maintained a steady growth trajectory, never losing sight of its fundamental principles: quality, innovation, respect for the customer, ethics & excellence. Based on these values, we have built a meaningful, lifelong relationship with our consumers.

Our qualified nutritionists and scientists aim to develop top-quality, preservative-free products whose raw materials neither contain nor derive from genetically modified organisms (non-GMOs). Cereal –or carbohydrates–, the main source of energy for our body, is the principal raw material used, among other fine ingredients, in the making of our products. All products contain the ideal carbohydrate, protein, and fat content for a healthy and balanced diet.

Respect for the customer
We strive to meet the demand for premium quality products that satisfy consumer needs and desires, using only the most flavorsome and fresh materials, while achieving the ideal consumer value.