Green olives-Bretas-250gr

Green olives-Bretas-250gr

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Green olives

Bretas’s green olives are processed mildly and packed in modified atmosphere so they preserve their characteristics, without adding preservatives.

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The company

BRETAS SA processes, standardizes and trades agricultural products (olives, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms) of organic and conventional cultivation and is mainly active in the international market.

The company name, BRETAS, is associated with the quality products production and the absolute satisfaction of consumer needs.

For this reason, all of the company products meet the national and international legal standards of food safety and hygiene, while the company implements integrated quality management and assurance systems.

Olive-trees in the Mediterranean ecosystem

Olive-tree constitutes great cultivation in the Mediterranean ecosystem and a great source of energy and nutrients for humans.

The olive-tree is an evergreen, fruitful tree with elongated leaves, which can live for hundreds of years. The Mediterranean climate, characterized by cool summers, mild winters, and light to moderate rainfalls, creates the most suitable environment for the growth of olive crops.