Organic Kalamon olives pitted-Family Farms-1300gr

Organic Kalamon olives pitted-Family Farms-1300gr

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Organic Kalamon olives pitted

Family Farms' Kalamon pitted olives come from organic farming or integrated management, with special characteristics. They are processed mildly, so they preserve their characteristics, without adding preservatives.

Drained weight:700gr

Suitable for a vegan diet.

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Family Farms’ organic products

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Family Farms is active in the field of organic and traditional products of high nutritional value and taste, in Greece and abroad. It was created by producers with the same ideas and vision, in terms of proper sustainable land management and processing of raw materials.

The goals of Family Farms:

  • The production of agricultural products with special qualities and high nutritional value.
  • The production of agricultural products that have been processed as little as possible without preservatives or additives.
  • The development of innovative agricultural products that promote human health.

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Family Farms offers organic and traditional table olives and olive oil products, bakery products, tomato sauces and ketchup, honey and bee products, unrefined hand-picked sea salt, organic herbs – herbal infusions and other organic products for everyday use. Family Farms is continuously expanding into new products.