Our team

About us

Grecoroots was created to distribute Greek flavors and aromas, choosing quality products from small Greek producers. Grecoroots distributes the Greek gastronomic heritage in Greece and abroad and contributes to the promotion of Greek tastes.

Why Grecoroots

At Grecoroots, our shared values support ethical culture and are the foundation of our commitment to do the right. By following the code of ethics, we are committed to our ethical principles and follow them daily. We have to respect you, take care of your best service, and satisfy your needs.

Our principles

At Grecoroots we consider people to be our most valuable assets. All of our partners and customers are treated with respect and appreciation. Our secret is that we receive the results of our philosophy and our behavior and use objective methods to evaluate them successfully.

Purpose of Grecoroots

The purpose of Grecoroots is to cover every day your desire for quality and unique products, coming from Greece. Covering your taste desires and preferences, Grecoroots fills your table with products and aromas, with flavors and emotions creating a unique experience.

Our mission

At Grecoroots, our mission is to help those who love Greek flavors and desire Greek products procure them. If you love Greek Mediterranean cuisine and Greek quality products, then you can be sure that we will do our best to satisfy you.

Our team

The main purpose of the Grecoroots team is your best, most direct, and most efficient service. At Grecoroots we believe that both customer experience and product quality are particularly important.

With respect to you, the cooperating transport companies, the employees, the management members, and all of the external partners, Grecoroots follows a set of principles and values. It follows standards and guidelines to deliver a set of positive emotions, tastes, and impressions. Our products will satisfy you since we do it first!