Summer holidays VS diet

by Grecoroots Αμοιρίδου

To be honest, we agree that it is a little bit difficult to keep a balanced diet even on your summer holidays! How is it possible to control everything you eat and not be seduced, while you are resting on your vacations? Is it worth stress for it even when you spend time with your friends, relaxing by the sea? Stress is not necessary, for sure! It is important for you to relax by doing things you love, keeping in mind that our health is important, too.

So, you could follow some basic eating habits that will help you both having fun and keep your stomach happy.

Let's go check some tips!

  1. Consume 5 meals a day! The rule of 5 meals a day is very necessary for our body. Leaving your body without food for hours may lead to overeating; consume larger meals, with more calories and eat more than your body needs. Moreover, when you stop eating, the metabolic process slows down as our body tries to maintain reserves, considering starvation. So, consume breakfast, a midday snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.
  2. Drink a lot of water! Especially on summer days, do not forget how valuable water is! After hours of walking under the sun or sunbathing, our body needs hydration. Even if 8 glasses of water would be an asset, you should listen to your body. Your organism knows better than everyone its needs. Water fills you with necessary trace elements that your organism needs.
  3. Search for restaurants and taverns that follow your eating habits! Before reaching your summer destination, find out which restaurants can serve the food you want. A place that can offer dishes with good fats, carbs, and protein would keep your body in balance.
  4. Eat more fish! How about avoiding meat for a little? Eat more fish and vegetables and reduce red meat consumption. Especially in Greece, we have wonderful fish dishes that are worth trying.
  5. Choose your drink! We know that cocktails are a “must” in summers, but why do not you try to drink beer or wine? Cocktails are so refreshing on hot summer days that you may lose control and drink a lot. That means that you will consume a lot of alcohol and sugar. Also remember, that you should drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol.
  6. Walk or swim! Remember that exercise is very important for your circulatory system and your overall health. We know that you imagine laying on the beach and sunbathing, but you should also keep your body healthy.
  7. Eat a bit more dessert! It is important to enjoy your holidays and do not feel guilty about them. Holidays mean relaxation and carefree.

It is important to have a good time on your vacations without stress. If you force yourself to follow a program, then it can negatively affect your mood. So, you may follow some of the above.

So, what do you think?


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