Make Your Home-Cooked Meals Healthier

by Greco Roots

The truth is that our daily routine has changed a lot since the first lockdown. Covid-19 has brought many changes in our daily eating habits. We bet that most people did not expect this whole situation to last for so long. Most of you may work from home, exercise at home, cooking at home, and experiment with your cooking skills. The good thing is that now the people pay more attention to themselves, boosting their immune system and generally, adopt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. If you belong to this team, read the following solutions and make cooking at home more interesting!

1. Use more herbs and spices

It is well known that herbs and spices give taste to the food. Especially, herbs bring excellent aromas to your homemade food when they have been combined right. However, while making an effort to make your food more delicious do not overdo it. For instance, too much salt is responsible for hypertension and weight gain when consumed daily in large quantities. A teaspoon is recommended as the maximum daily intake for an adult. Attention! Salt is “hidden” in bread, biscuits, and sweets! On the other hand, herbs tend to be more healthy if used in balance.

2. Buy healthier

All products are not the same. Everyone needs to get to know how to read the nutrition facts labels. We should buy products aiming to be low in saturated fat, sugar, and salt. Whole-wheat products, good fats coming from olive oils, and salads should be included in a balanced and nutritious diet.

3. Nutrition education

Learn about nutrition education and teach your family about the proper dietary choices. Organize and prepare your food before being hungry. In this way, you will have the time to make a meal instead of eating snacks. A balanced and nutritious diet has an impact on our mental health as well. We should adopt healthy habits and maintain them in everyday life.

Is it so difficult to follow these three steps? We do not think so! Nevertheless, everyone has the right to follow what suits them best and, of course, eat whatever makes them happy. Our recommendation is to make better and healthier choices! :)


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