2+1 tricks to boost your energy at the office

by Greco Roots

As you cannot avoid sedentary work when working at the office, neck and back pains are possible to be aroused. How can we reduce all of these issues affecting our health and boost our energy at work?

The secrets are the following:

1. Start walking

Even for those of you, who train systematically, it is hard to replace 8-9 hours of sedentary work with half an hour of daily exercise. It would be ideal for you to exercise for one hour a day. We know... to some of you, it seems impossible. Trick: when being at the office, make sure to get up and walk for 5 minutes every single hour. Walking and stretching for 5 minutes, is a good percentage if you want to avoid any side effects of sedentary work. Sitting for a lot of hours affects blood circulation and that maybe results in cardiovascular disease growth. 

2. Drink water

Hydration is very crucial throughout the day, let alone at work. Dehydration may result in headaches, dizziness, and weakness. All of these cause low performance at work and decrease efficiency. Trick: Always have a bottle of water next to you and drink some sips before getting thirsty. Sometimes, while working, we forgot to drink water. Now, you will see it, and will remember to hydrate yourselves.

3. Eat well

Make sure you have prepared your food from home. Otherwise, if you are a sweet tooth, you will probably consume an unhealthy snack. Trick: Prefer homemade meals or snacks, set the quantity in a food container, and make sure you have enough food, which will cover your hunger throughout the day.

It isn't so difficult, is it? Awaiting your impressions! 


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