Greek extra virgin olive oil in Austria

Greek extra virgin olive oil in Austria

What does extra virgin mean? 

In order for olive oil to be classified as "extra virgin olive oil", it must not have undergone any chemical treatment, its acidity must remain below 0.8% and be produced directly from olives and only by mechanical methods. If the above do not apply, then olive oil takes on other characteristics such as, "virgin olive oil", "olive oil consisting of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils", "kernel oil".

"Extra virgin olive oil" is produced at a temperature below 28°C -cold pressing-. Olive oil production at very high temperatures (e.g. 60°C) destroys the quality of the olive oil, as the polyphenols become more water-soluble and leave with the water waste of the mill.

Why Greek?

Greece is the leading producer of extra virgin olive oil. That confirms the value that Greek producers attach to the quality of their production.

The Greek olive oil has gained a very large number of international awards. As a result, it is considered the top in quality internationally. 

Greece is the third country in the world in olive oil production despite its relatively small size.

Due to the huge importance of olive oil and other olive products for the country's economy, the Greek producers follow the legislation of the highest quality criteria for the production, processing, and protection of the quality of olive oil.

Due to Greece's geographical location, geophysical composition and climate, thrive and grow most olive varieties, offering a wide range of options. 

In Greece, there is the longest tradition in the systemic cultivation of olives.

We ship Greek extra virgin olive oil to Austria

Knowing the value of olive oil in human life and realizing the superiority of Greek extra virgin olive oil, we deliver quality Greek olive oils to Austria. Award-winning olive oils in exceptional packages, which have been recognized worldwide for their quality, can reach your door. Taste what in Greece we call "golden liquid" or "green gold"!