Dorodouli Tsipouro & Spirits Distillery


About Dorodouli Tsipouro & Spirits Distillery.

We were inspired by stories and the secret recipes of genuine distillates and the mastery of “specialists”. The uniqueness of our products is the fruit of our love for development and the flavorful development of traditional, authentic ancient methods and recipes.

Innovation & Research

In order to achieve our goals for the innovative product, the distillery research team decides to start the study by investigating the known recipes and techniques for distilling marc. Initially, one hundred and twenty different recipes were made and studied, which after being archived were “resting” for one year with interim trials and evaluation records. At the end of the trial period, thirty-two recipes were selected, of which 15 were included in the production process.


The traditional heritage of our family’s passion is the distillation of tsipouro. Our mission is to approach and pass on to next generations this passion enriched with new wings and transform local northern Greek distillation recipes into superior products. We manage and extend our requirements to new green development standards and good resource management in an open company where “the spirit can distill spirits”.


We created a new perspective on the world-famous flavors of renowned alcoholic beverages. Our unique distillery creates fifteen different premium spirits by specializing in the distillation of grapes and wine.

Collection alchemestes

  • Αlchemestes mission Nο.1, brandy. Moments of wealth, love, creativity…
  • Alchemestes mission Nο.4, aperitif. Accompany unique and important moments.
  • Alchemestes mission No.5, aged spirit. Moments of relaxation from an expression of tequila.
  • Alchemestes mission No.6, aperitif, Combine inspiration and success moments…
  • Alchemestes mission No.7, premium grape marc.  to accompany erotic and seductive moments from a floral bouquet. 
  • Alchemestes mission No.8, brandy bianco. It is created to give moments of tranquility and endurance.
  • Alchemestes mission No.9, aperitif. An aroma that effuses mystery and complexity from a strong fruity character.

Collection Classico

  • Classico spirit P, A breath of freshness from an expression of gin.
  • Classico spirit  X, aged spirit. A lovely, warm expression of green malt whiskey. 
  • Classico spirit C, aged spirit. An extremely romantic, floral character of aged tsipouro.
  • Classico spirit G, anise-flavored. A presence of anise surrounded by freshwater pearls.
  • Classico spirit T, tsipouro. The nostalgia of the authentic Greek recipe.
  • Classico spirit E, tsipouro. When the treasure introduces itself … excites you idyllic.
  • Classico spirit V, grape marc. Her highlights are the irresistible concert of flavors and aromas. 


Made naturally,

No sugar, No additives.