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by Greco Roots

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Grecoroots at CureCancer

by Greco Roots

Grecoroots, the online Greek deli, transmits the Greek cuisine and flavors, and the Greek gastronomic heritage worldwide. At Grecoroots e-shop,, you can find a plethora of bio, vegan and conventional products coming exclusively from Greek producers. The concept of our company based on High Quality goods -food and cosmetics-,which everyone can have right at their door just with one click.  

In our company, we strongly believe that high quality products means a high quality living standards. 

Especially, when comes to a patient, eating "good" is essential. So, we are happy to announce a new collaboration with a company created to help, support and encourage the people who have been diagnosed with cancer, CureCancer! 

CureCancer has developed an online platform where doctors and patients can communicate directly to discuss and develop cancer treatment issues. CureCancer in collaboration with Grecoroots, guided by the needs of cancer patients and understanding the requirements of this disease, we actively contribute to the required dietary habits that are imposed, offering high quality products and contributing to the health of patients.

Grecoroots at the 85th TIF

by Greco Roots

After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, the first Covid-free Fair is taking place in Thessaloniki, and Grecoroots participation was non-negotiable! The 85th TIF opens its gates on 11/09, dedicated to Greece and with  main thematic axis the "Past, Present, and Future" of our country.

Grecoroots, with a high sense of responsibility, and promoting the Greek culinary culture, could not be absent from such an International Exhibition, which is dedicated to Greece! The thematic axis "Past, Present and Future" fully represents our products and our suppliers, as their project started by their predecessors, which they have successfully completed it until today, and recognizing the needs of the market, they look forward to future development of the Greek products.

We will be waiting for you to enjoy all together our country's goods and to discuss issues that concern us all.


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