Breadsticks with sesame-Beikers-80gr
Breadsticks with sesame-Beikers-80gr Breadsticks with sesame-Beikers-80gr Breadsticks with sesame-Beikers-80gr

Breadsticks with sesame-Beikers-80gr

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Breadsticks with sesame

Handmade traditional breadsticks with sesame, with extra virgin olive oil, without palm oil and hydrogenated fats. 

Also suitable for Vegans.

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It all started with the philosophy of developing handmade, quality products that combine the art of traditional pastry and food technology. We constantly strive to develop, produce, and promote products of high nutritional value, ensuring the highest possible quality.

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The history of breadsticks

Breadsticks, or else Grissini, are said to be originated from Torino, Italy. 

It is said...

They were invented in the 17th century to cure Duke Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy. As the duke was suffered from some health problems, digestion problems, then the doctor hired a baker, Antonio Brunero, to create a digesting food suitable for the duke. The baker used the dough, the same to bake a typical bread of Torino, and stretched it out, into thin strips. Once baked, the dough became crispy and easy to digest. Because of the success of the product, breadsticks became famous to the whole of Italy and nowadays, worldwide.