Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr
Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr

Kalamata olive paste Sermyli-Athena's Rose-100gr

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Kalamata (black) olive paste

Knowing how to produce excellent quality products, we have created for you two unique, delicious olive pastes Kalamon and green live of Halkidiki. Two fine products with special aroma and amazing texture to accompany each of your meal.

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Athena's Rose


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The Family

Olive oil production has been our family business for almost 100 years. From my great-grandfather, to my father and now me, the tradition still holds with the same love and dedication. The only thing that has changed is that we wish for a wider Greek and world audience to taste and get to know this exceptional olive oil. The time is ripe for this precious source of life to enjoy its own name and become known more widely.

The Batarlis’ Family Olive Groves are located in Ormylia, the oldest settlement in Chalkidiki. This fertile land, which has kept its name through the centuries, from ancient Cermyli, to Medieval Ermyli or Ermylia to present-day Ormylia, has always enchanted me.

                                                                                                                                                                     Maria Batarli

The Groves

The fertile soil, tradition, history and our religious heritage have always brought me be back to this land of my childhood years. This is where my personal vision, ‘Athena's Rose’ olive groves started; this is where my desire to combine my love for this land and tradition with modern cultivation techniques and know-how has grown.

For a whole century the Batarlis’ Family groves have been producing olive oil of incomparable quality and excellent taste. The fertile soil of Chalkidiki and the particular care embracing the process of the olive oil production are the essential ingredients ensuring the product’s rich flavour. We are in continuous cooperation with experts and scientists to optimise our groves.

The groves’ olive trees are centuries old and the gift of their fruit comes in three excellent varieties: The famous Chondrelia (large olive) of Chalkidiki, a sizeable native variety, the Amfissa variety, known for its nutritional value and hardiness, and the Ladoelia (Oil-producing Olive), which is another local variety.

The ancient city, Sermyli

It is said, that Sermyli is the oldest settlement in Halkidiki with an uninterrupted presence until today. With different names from the Neolithic era until today, such as the classical name Sermyli, or the medieval Ermyli, or the modern Ormylia.

After research, it seems that there are findings, aged to the Neolithic era 4000-2000 BC. They were found on the hill of Agios Georgios 2000 BC, on the wide Toumba 2000 BC, and in Kastri of Vatopedi. Other historical testimonies state that there were two colonial cities of Halkidiki during the Classical era, members of the Athenian Alliance. Specifically, after the Persian wars, Sermyli and Toroni were the cities that both joined the Athenian Alliance.

It seems that Herodotus mentioned Sermyli with words that characterise it as a great and large city, with a location by the sea and rivers. There are also silver coins minted during the 6th century BC.

According to Thucydides, it seems that Sermyli suffered a lot during the Peloponnesian wars. Copper coins, minted around 400 BC, show that it was an autonomous city. However, about 50 years later, King Philip destroyed Sermyli and forced its inhabitants to move to the wider area, creating new settlements.